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This blog is for students enrolled in HIST 1112 at Georgia State University, with Dr. Denise Davidson. The course meets Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Most Thursday classes are devoted to discussing primary sources, both written and visual. Each week, students will read and reflect on the primary sources included at the end of the assigned chapter and consider the questions for analysis listed in the textbook. Then they will create a blog entry about that week’s readings. It could be a big question inspired by the sources, an answer to one of the questions for analysis, or an answer to a question they come up with themselves. Students can also respond to each others’ postings. Dr. Davidson will read the blog posts on Thursday mornings and submit comments herself. Then will we build upon that on-line conversation when we meet in person on Thursday afternoons. By doing this work before class, we will hopefully make more productive use of our time together. We will also be more certain to discuss topics of interest to you, the students, because you will be helping to determine what those topics will be.


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